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Marktanteil von Google in Deutschland

Marktanteil von Google in Deutschland:

Der Marktanteil von Google bei der Desktop-Suche liegt bei 94 Prozent und bei der Mobilen Suche bei unglaublichen 98%. Kaum ein anderes Volk mag Google so sehr wie die Deutschen. Für 94 Prozent aller Desktop-Suchen in Deutschland wird Google genutzt; für Suchanfragen auf Smartphones oder Tablets liegt der Google-Anteil sogar bei 98 Prozent. In der Heimat von Google, den USA kommt der Suchgigant ’nur‘ auf 75% Anteil bei der Desktop-Suche und auf ’nur’89% im Mobilen Bereich. Zum NETZÖKONOMIE Artikel hier… Marktanteil von Google in Deutschland —–

Warum braucht Ihr Unternehmen Google Plus?

Why Your Business Needs A Google Plus Local Listing Another added benefit to creating your page/listing is it helps you interact with your clients. They can write a review about your business there. Reviews or ratings affect your business’ reputation online and the higher your rating, the more customers you’ll likely get. Think about the impact of having a person search for the service that you offer in their area and they’re greeted with a page showing all of your glowing reviews! They’re going to be much more likely to choose you over your competitors, don’t you think? There is an instant trust. Relationship marketing is the future of business because it helps people get to know you on a more personal level and so customer retention is increased. If you are wanting to expose your business to more customers, but finding the whole task so daunting… it is totally understandable! You probably feel like you need to have a website, a Facebook fan club, spend a fortune on advertising, tweet “Tweets” about every little thing and now there is Google to master! In many ways, Google Plus Local is much more important than Facebook for local businesses because when people need something, they go to Google. Facebook is great if they already know you and you are spending money on Facebook advertising to get your products out there…but G+ local is an amazing way of really getting those brand new customers when they’re actually searching for you. The conversion to sale is much higher than many other forms of marketing. —–

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